Top 3 Foods That Can Boost Your Immune System

We are in the middle of one of the greatest pandemics ever. COVID-19 is a threat to all of us, and since we can’t cure it yet, it’s up to our immune system to deal with this invader. Young people, people who eat healthily, and people who exercise regularly usually have immune systems that can cope with this virus. But what about others? Having a good diet is crucial and this factor alone makes the biggest impact on our immune system. If we want to improve it, we need to choose our meals carefully. That’s the bottom line here

Down below, we will cover three foods that can boost your immune system and improve your odds of beating COVID-19.

Mixed vegetables

Vegetables are the healthiest thing that you can eat today. In general, the more of them you have on your menu, the better. Seasonal vegetables, in particular, can be significant immune boosters and they are the first thing that jumps to our mind when we talk about long term health.

By absorbing all those different vitamins, you will give your immune system the strength and vitality it needs to fight infections. On top of that, you will be healthier and you will feel better in the long run as well.

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Green salad

Green salad is extremely popular in New Zealand, and of course, with good reason. It tastes great and it’s exceptionally healthy. If there is one type of salad that we can recommend to everyone, it would certainly be this one.

Green salad is well-known for providing a number of high-quality nutrients. Vitamin K, vitamin A, calcium, iron, copper are just some of them. All of the ingredients together have strong antioxidant properties and they can significantly ramp up your body’s natural defenses.

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