Order Meal - Who Are We and What Do We Offer?

Ever wanted to have your favorite food delivered right at your doorstep? How about ordering your favorite meals online via the device of your choice? Maybe you have a restaurant that needs to be heard of? If the answer to all these questions is positive, you’ve come to a good place! With Order Meal, you can get all of this and much more!

With an extensive range of different options, amazing support, and a top-notch ordering system, Order Meal is here to please all of our customers’ needs. All you need to do is place the order and everything will be delivered before you even notice!

Who are we?

Order Meal is a New Zealand based company, registered as ORDER MEAL LIMITED (6073887) and you can find us in Auckland (North Shore). Our story began in 2016, and even though we’re still a young company, we are growing every day. We’re constantly listening to our customers’ feedback and we use that information to improve and expand our offer. We believe that happy customers are a key to business success and this satisfaction is one of our core values.

What do we offer?

So, what is Order Meal all about? Furthermore, what do we have to offer? As the name suggests, we’re a company that offers takeaway & home food delivery services. On our platform, you can find some of the best restaurants in the country and you can see what they have to offer directly. Moreover, all the restaurants that you see here have exceptionally high grades. Why? We always want our customers to get only the best offers, which is why we only cooperate with restaurants that can provide these services.

The platform is very easy to use and you can get your favorite meal with just a couple of clicks. You can even order your food from a smartphone or tablet as all devices are fully supported. Basically, you just need to follow 3 steps:

  1. Choose your meal.
  2. Place the order.
  3. Complete the payment.

Security is a major concern for many customers today, and we can proudly say that our platform uses a 100% secure payment system. With this system, you will never have to worry about hackers who may break into your account. Likewise, the risk that any transaction can go wrong is practically non-existent.

No matter which part of New Zealand you are located in, you can use our services with equal efficiency.

Why should restaurants choose Order Meal?

What makes Order Meal different than the other takeaway & home delivery food ordering companies in New Zealand? Even more importantly, why should anyone choose Order Meal in the first place? There are a couple of things that we should note here:

  • We offer very competitive commission rates - Simply put, the commission rates that you can find here are some of the best ones on the market.
  • We provide amazing support - No matter if you have a problem using the platform or you simply want to add some input, our support will always be here for you! Our professional staff is knowledgeable and highly committed. They will address your concerns regardless of their complexity.
  • If a restaurant doesn’t have a website, we can build it - While many restaurants today have a website, that’s not always the case. Furthermore, even if a particular restaurant has an online presence, the website is often outdated. These scenarios are very common, but we can provide a working solution! In case a particular restaurant doesn’t have a website, we can build a professional one from scratch. Moreover, if a website has old information that is no longer relevant, we can easily build a new one instead of tweaking the outdated system. We always want all of our restaurants to have the best possible presentation and we will pull out as many resources as needed to achieve that.

In conclusion

No matter if you’re a customer who wants to quickly get their favorite meal or you own a restaurant that needs a sales boost, Order Meal is here to help you out. With a highly sophisticated platform, outstanding support, and the ever-increasing number of restaurants in our catalog, Order Meal is your first choice for the best food in New Zealand. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions and place your first order as early as today!