Top 3 Best Appetizers That You Can Order With Your Main Meal

When we want to order some food online, we mostly think of main meals only. However, the truth is, appetizers are very important aspects that we tend to overlook. They may not be our primary focus, but they’re the ones that will kickstart our appetite nonetheless. Therefore, you should absolutely plan which appetizers you are going to order as well.

In the lines below, we will cover the three most delicious appetizers that you can eat right now. They may not provide enough calories to replace your main food, but they will certainly prepare your body for what comes next (in terms of eating, of course).

Dhal Makhani

Dhal Makhani is undoubtedly one of the tastiest appetizers that you can eat today. Its sheer variety and unique flavor make this one of the best appetizers that India (and New Zealand) has to offer.

So, what is Dhal Makhani? When we talk about Dhal Makhani, we talk about lentils that we cook with butter and cream, and sim on very low heat. Many additional ingredients are added to improve the flavor, but most of them are vegetables. A recipe can vary from one restaurant to another but the flavor is strong and consistent nonetheless. You can combine this appetizer with many different meals but garlic naan would be our recommendation.

One of the best Dhal Makhani in New Zealand can be found at Monsoon Indian Cuisine. A combination of lentils, ginger, onions, tomatoes and coriander leaves will surely make you come back for more.

Pittza bread

No, “pittza” is not a typo, this appetizer is really called that way. In many cases, bread is a sufficient appetizer for a bigger meal. But of course, we can’t really have a regular bread serving that purpose, as we want our appetizer to be both tasty and (somewhat) healthy at the same time. That is why Pittza bread satisfies our criteria perfectly.
What’s the secret behind this bread? Well, it’s the combination of cheese and garlic that makes this appetizer truly delicious. Although the ingredients are very basic, the taste is unique and quite hard to replicate.

One thing is certain here, with pittza bread, you don’t need any additional appetizers. This one will serve the function perfectly. You can get an outstanding Pittza bread at Kebab Serai Milford.

Chicken Tikka

We all know that chickens are delicious, but what about chicken tikka? Well, guess what - it’s even more delicious than a regular chicken! Chicken tikka is certainly one of the tastiest appetizers that you can eat today. In some cases, it can even replace a regular meal. That’s how good it is!

To prepare a chicken tikka, we first need a boneless chicken. The next step is to marinate this chicken in a yoghurt and add some spices that we would normally add in a barbeque. Finally. we need to grill the chicken to complete the process. All of this is easier said than done, of course, the best chicken tikka comes from highly specialized chefs who have mastered their skills perfectly.

If you want a chicken tikka as your appetizer, you should definitely visit the Virsa restaurant. They have some of the best chicken tikka in the country and you won’t need to pay a lot of money to enjoy that amazing taste.

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