The Best Indian Foods That You Can Eat at This Point

India is one of the most wonderful countries in the world and their cuisine is just as good. Many Indian specialties are regularly consumed everywhere and New Zealand is no exception. Luckily, you don’t need to live in India to enjoy this amazing food, you can enjoy it inside your home as well!

But what Indian foods should you try? What are their biggest specialties? This is what we will talk about here.

Butter Chicken

If there’s one food that defines what Indian cuisine is all about, that would certainly be Butter Chicken. Even the name sounds delicious, doesn’t it? Butter chicken is a creamy, red gravy covered with some of the best spices that India can provide. It’s one of the most popular foods in the country and a standard part of almost every menu.

The best thing about Butter Chicken is that everybody can make their own version of it. This flexibility is one of the main reasons why it’s impossible to imagine a proper Indian meal without this dish. If you’ve never tasted Indian food before, this is a great way to start!

Lamb Rogan Josh

Another Indian meal that you really need to try is called Lamb Rogan Josh. This is a typical example of a Kashmiri cuisine. Mughals were the first ones to bring the meal to Kashmir and it became a standard repertoire of a traditional Indian meal ever since.

So, what is Lamb Rogan Josh? When we look at Lamb Rogan Josh, we see braised lamb chunks as well as a gravy that comes from ginger, garlic, yogurt, shallots, as well as various traditional spices (like cinnamon and cloves). What makes this meal so special, though, are the chilies. They give the dish its widely recognizable red color and a unique taste that will make you eat it again and again./p>

In short, if you like lamb, this is a food that you need to try.

Prawn Curry

The last dish we will talk about is the Prawn Curry. No matter if we talk about the taste or the looks, Prawn Curry is absolutely amazing!

This food is commonly found on many tables and it’s very easy to make. The recipe can be modified depending on your preferences, but the basic ingredients that you can find in practically all Prawn Curries are onions, tomatoes, fresh prawns, and spice powders. Depending on the region, some ingredients will vary. Additions like coconut milk, poppy seeds, and tamarind are highly dependent on the region and they make the Prawn Curry even more delicious.

The main reason why Prawn Curry is such a popular dish, however, is that it requires no special preparation. You can literally make it with whatever you have in your fridge! You can even mix different tastes, the outcome will be superb nonetheless. Of course, though, high-profile restaurants make the best Prawn Curries that you can eat at this point. The chefs have all the experience they need and they know how to make Prawn Curries whose tastes will linger in your mouth long after you’ve done eating. So, if you want an easy shortcut, you can get your Prawn Curry in the restaurant of your choice too.

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