Diwali Food Festival - What Is It and What Foods Should You Try?

Every food lover loves being in a place where they can taste many delicious treats in one go. You can achieve that very easily by visiting a food festival. Not only do these festivals give you plenty of amazing foods to eat, but those foods come at very affordable prices as well. On top of that, the positive energy that you will feel there is highly addictive and it’s something that everyone needs to experience at least once in their lifetime!

There are many great food festivals where you can eat both salty and sweet treats, but one particular event that every food lover should visit is the Diwali food festival. You may have heard of it already, but in any case, in this article, we will cover everything you need to know about this amazing festival and we will also provide some suggestions on what foods you should try during the event.

First things first - what is the Diwali food festival?

So, what is the Diwali food festival? Diwali is a five-day food festival that takes place every autumn following the cycle of the moon. In other words, Diwali takes place every October or November, depending on the cycle. The event is also known as “The Festival of Lights” and it’s arguably one of the most beautiful Indian holidays in general. What was once just a small Hindu celebration has now become a festivity full of wonderful and unique tastes as well as a symbol of Indian creativity. 

Speaking of 2019, the Diwali food festival will take place on October 27 in New Zealand.

How is Diwali celebrated?

People would often decorate their homes and offices prior to the event and they would also perform big cleanups. On top of that, they would boost the atmosphere even more by filling their residential areas with clay lamps and candles, giving prayers, and lighting some fireworks.

During the event, people can consume anything they like, but sweet food is the actual trademark here. On the second day of the festival, they would visit their friends and relatives and give them sweets as gifts. The third day is reserved for prayers, big family feasts, and fireworks. Occasionally, that is also the time when they would visit the wisest among us - the elderly. The fourth day is a celebration of the union between husbands and wives while the last day celebrates the bond between brothers and sisters.

As you can see, these five days are truly joyful and full of different events. Now let’s see what food you can eat during this wonderful festival.

What can we eat during the festival?

You can eat plenty of different Indian sweets during the Diwali food festival but here are the ones that you mustn’t miss:

  • Gulab Jamun - arguably one of the best and most popular Indian sweets today. The combination of deep-fried textures and special sugar-flavored syrups is enough to provide a taste that is unique and extremely hard to replicate.
  • Barfi - it’s technically a normal fudge, but we also have special, condensed milk that gives it a truly remarkable flavor. If you’ve never tried Barfi before, now is the right time to do so.
  • Laddu - these are tiny balls made with ghee, oil, flour, sugar, and very often, we can see some nuts as well. Once you taste your first Laddu, it’s very hard to stop there!
  • Halwa - what we have here are grated vegetables that we would cook by adding some ghee, sugar, and condensed milk to make it soft and delicious. The two most popular variants are pumpkin halwa and carrot (gajar) halwa. If you can, you should certainly try both of them.

What about other foods?

Yes, we all like sweet stuff, but what about other foods? Well, the good news is, we can consume them during this event as well.

Here are some appetizers that you can try:

Idli - a rice cake that is much more delicious than it looks

Puri - basically, it’s a flatbread with some ghee

Samosas - they’re special types of pastry filled with different vegetables. Some of the most common ones are peas and potatoes. Of course, we have some spices here as well for an even better taste.

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