Best Foods That You Can Eat During Summer Holidays in New Zealand

Some people are waiting for the winter holiday season to begin while others are preparing for the summer holidays. And you know what that means? Yes, more food! Not just any food, but food that you can only eat during these holidays.

Now, of course, an obvious question is - what foods should we eat during the summer holidays? That’s what we will talk about in the lines below. No matter which of these foods you decide to stick with, you can rest assured that your holidays will be truly unforgettable (and delightful)!

Vegetable Pakoras

Summer is the season when we consume lots of fruits and vegetables and with good reason. If you want a dish that is both healthy and delicious at the same time, you definitely need to give vegetable pakoras a try.

The best thing is that, technically, vegetable pakoras are not a salad. But, if you want, they can be. What we here are common seasonal vegetables dipped in a spicy batter and deep-fried to make truly adorable fritters.

Sounds intriguing? If the answer is yes, you can try them out exclusively at Mr. India Restaurant.

Prawns Masala

Seafood is yet another extremely popular food category during summer. Not every seafood is tasty enough, though, but Prawns Masala definitely is.


Now, what is Prawn Masala in the first place? Well, Prawn Masala is a combination of King Prawns, tomatoes, onions, and capsicum. It is specially cooked in all three of these fabulous vegetables and the end result is a dish that is very hard to resist.

If you’re a fan of King Prawns, you know that this is easily one of the tastiest seafood dishes in the world. If that original aroma doesn’t satisfy you, this mixture surely will.

Many restaurants all over New Zealand have this food on their menu but Prawns Masala from The Red Fort are some of the best ones in the country.

Chicken 65

This is not the first meal that you think of during summer, but when we look at all those exotic summer-friendly spices, it’s a whole different story. Chicken 65 is an ideal summer dish that will please both chicken lovers and other fans of high-quality food in general.

What is Chicken 65, really? It is a dish with a surprisingly long tradition. The spicy chicken that we use for this meal comes from South India, home to some of the tastiest foods in the country. The chicken is cooked and flavored with top-quality mustard seeds and curry leaves - a combination that produces a taste unlike any other. You may find the previous line exaggerated, but once you taste chicken 65 for the first time, all doubts will go away.

Chicken 65 is an ideal choice of meat for long and hot summer days. Not only because it is healthy but also because it’s damn delicious. You can try it out exclusively at Indian Accent Mt Wellington.

Olives Special Kulfi

Of course, what would a summer be without proper ice cream? If you want a delicious dessert to refresh during the holidays, Olives Special Kulfi is ice cream for you.

What we have here is not just another chocolate or fruit ice cream, but rather an ice cream that combines some of India’s most profound flavors. The dessert is specially prepared with condensed milk that gives it a nice, juicy, and irresistible texture.

If you are foaming while reading these lines, feel free to drop by and taste the ice cream first-hand at Olive Indo-Nepali Eatery.

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