Affordability and Pricing of Food Delivery Services in New Zealand

We all love eating at high-quality restaurants, but the truth is, the service comes with a price that cannot be afforded by everyone. Food delivery as a whole is no different. Having the pleasure to enjoy our favorite foods anywhere we want is a great thing to have but it comes with a cost as well. While some food delivery companies aim to set their prices as low as possible, others are not as generous. Choosing the food delivery company that suits your budget should, thus, be the priority for every customer.

In the lines below, we will cover the affordability and pricing of food delivery services in New Zealand and we will explain what Order Meal has to offer in that regard. Let’s get started!

The food delivery market in New Zealand

The food delivery market in New Zealand is quite diverse and we have intense competition between domestic and international companies. With its strong international name, strong market presence, and high commission fees, Uber Eats is a contender that other companies are trying to beat. The market game can often be very tough and this creates a problem for both food delivery companies and customers alike. While companies seek to maximize their profits, customers want to get their foods in the most affordable way possible. Some kind of consensus is needed here.

Why should people choose domestic food delivery companies rather than international ones?

We can’t tell our customers where they should order their foods but general advice (and the advice supported by government officials) would be to avoid international food delivery companies and stick to local ones. Why? There are multiple reasons involved.

First of all, some of these companies charge enormous fees to other restaurants. While a typical domestic food delivery company has a commission rate that doesn’t exceed 10%, international companies can charge above 30% (depending on the circumstances).

Second of all, as we’ve mentioned above, restaurants that sell their foods via international food delivery companies can’t make a lot of money this way and they are at risk of bankruptcy. It is an unsustainable business model and restaurants need to have different alternatives.

The Prime Minister of New Zealand also suggests avoiding international food delivery companies and going for local ones instead.

Order Meal is your ideal local food delivery service

Our commission fees are way lower than what you will find at other international food delivery companies. Order Meal charges a 7% commission rate, which is a reasonable amount for most businesses.

We are the leading takeaway and home delivery service in the country. We offer a unique platform that you can access on any device and an app that you can run on both iOS and Android. You can register and become a driver for us or simply place your orders via the app as well. None of your data will be compromised and the only thing you need to is - place the order. We will do the rest for you.

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