Top 5 Most Delicious Pizzas That You Can Eat in 2020

If you asked anyone what their favorite food is, chances are, pizza will be one of their top choices. There’s a good reason for that - not only is this food extremely delicious but it looks good as well. While classic pizza is good enough for most people, some food lovers want more.

If you’re one of them and you want to see what other exotic (yet tasty) pizzas you can eat in New Zealand, you’ve come to the right place. In the lines below, you will find the five best and most delicious pizzas that you can eat at this point. No matter which of these pizzas you decide to eat, enjoyment is 100% guaranteed!

Let’s get started!

Margherita pizza

This list would surely be incomplete if we left Margherita out of the equation. We already wrote about this pizza in one of our previous articles (in a different context, however), but now is a good time to refresh our knowledge.

Margherita is one of the most iconic pizzas worldwide. It’s a typical Neapolitan pizza made with all sorts of different ingredients including (but not limited to) extra-virgin olive oil, salt, basin, and exclusive ingredients like Mozzarella cheese and San Marzano tomatoes. A true feast for both the eyes and the gut as well.

Margherita that you can find at Xtreme Pizza has a slightly different recipe but the universally known flavor is still there. Go ahead and try it out!

BBQ pizza

What do you get when you mix two enormously delicious foods like barbecue and pizza? Of course, a pizza with the taste of barbecue. Or in this case - BBQ pizza. If you ever wanted to eat both of these specialties at the same time but never had the opportunity, BBQ pizza is here to fix that.

So, why is this pizza so much tastier than a regular one? Is barbecue flavor really the only thing that is making the difference? Not really. Every ingredient counts here. Base sauce, barbecue sauce, onion, beef...all of these ingredients are equally important. And let’s not forget the juicy mozzarella as well as mushroom and pineapple - the two additions that add a truly exotic aroma to the mix.

“Epic” is the only word that we can describe this pizza with. If you want to taste it for reassurance, make sure you visit Olive’s Pizza East Tamaki.

Rustic Lamb

Lamb is not exactly the type of meat that we expect to see on our pizza, but when we want to try something new, that’s a whole different story. If you want a pizza that combines several different flavors for a truly unique outcome, this is the pizza for you.

What is so special about Rustic Lamb? What we have here is a mix of lamb meat and sausages, but that’s not all! You’re also getting a delicious pizza sauce and a combination of vegetables like tomatoes, onions, and olives. If that’s not enough, you also have crushed garlic with mozzarella & lemon pepper seasoning for an additional boost in flavor.

You can try Rustic Lamb today at Paradise Pizza.

Paradise Vege

While the name of this pizza suggests that vegetarians are the only ones who can enjoy it, that’s not the case. Paradise Vege provides the most unique flavor from all 5 pizzas on our list and it’s arguably the healthiest choice on our list.

The best thing about this pizza is that you won’t even notice that it doesn’t contain any meat. The barbecue sauce is so tasty that you won’t feel any need for meaty additions at all. What really shines here, however, is the combination of ingredients like pineapple, onion, and capsicum. Of course, we have some mozzarella as well and Peri Peri is there to spice things up even further.

To sum it up shortly, Paradise Vege is indeed a paradise, not only for vegetarians but all fans of high-quality pizza as well. You can try it out exclusively at Paradise Pizza.

Mega Meat Lover

While the previous pizza was more vegan-friendly, the last entry on our list will definitely satisfy even the most demanding meat lovers. If you want a rich and profound taste that will linger in your mouth for a while, look no further! This is an ideal pizza for you.

With Mega Meat Lover, you’re not getting one type of meat but three! Beef, pork and, chicken are all included and you even have some Italian sausages as an additional bonus. On top of that, you’re also getting utterly delicious cheese bacon, pepperoni, barbecue swirl, and a superb pizza sauce as well. Meat lovers, this is your paradise!

Want to try this meaty pizza first-hand? Head over to Pizza Box Paeroa and enjoy your feast!

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