Best Party Foods That You Can Eat In 2019

Let’s say that you are making a huge party for your family and friends. What do you need the most? Well, other than proper environment, great music, and of course, a positive mood, there’s one more thing that we mustn’t forget - food. Without proper food, you can’t make a good party either. If you’re making a celebration and all you have to offer are low-quality meals, your guests will not be happy at all. Furthermore, you’ll just show that you’re not a good host.

Obviously, you can’t let that scenario happen now, can you? Down below, you will find some of the best party foods that you can eat today. No matter which of these meals end up on your party table, you should know that you’ve made no mistake whatsoever. They all taste great and you can get them affordably at some of the best restaurants in New Zealand.

Let’s get started!

Margherita Pizza

We doubt that there’s a single person who doesn’t like pizza. This is one of the most popular foods in the world and (obviously) with good reason. But, is there something even better than regular pizza? If you want truly delicious food for your party, there’s only one that we can recommend - Margherita Pizza. You may have heard of it already, but you probably didn’t know how awesome it can be. So, what’s the secret here?

Margherita Pizza is a traditional Neapolitan pizza that is typically made with ingredients such as mozzarella cheese, salt, extra-virgin olive oil, and of course, San Marzano tomatoes. This recipe can vary depending on who is making this delicious pizza, but the taste remains superb nonetheless.

Margherita pizza is a symbol of Italian cuisine, but luckily, you don’t need to travel there to enjoy its wonderful flavor. You can order it in New Zealand as well, and a restaurant that makes arguably the best Margherita in the country is Torbay Bar and Restaurant

Margherita is an absolute must-have for any party regardless of how big it is and what you are celebrating. Once you taste it for the first time, you will quickly realize why!

Butter Prawn

Seafood may not be a popular choice for parties but Butter Prawns could change that in the near future.  Not only do these marinated shells taste delicious, but they’re beautiful to look at as well. With Butter Prawns on your table, your guests won’t need any appetizers, that’s for sure!

Many exotic spices stand out here but the most important one is curry leaf. This aromatic ingredient is a crucial part of Indian cuisine and this is what makes Butter Prawn such a pleasure to chew. If that’s not enough, the addition of tomato gravy is what will make this dish a truly unforgettable experience.

Punjabi Kitchen North Shore offers some of the best Butter Prawns and they are eagerly waiting for your call!

Ginger Chicken

We will close the list with something that you can serve at the very beginning of your party feast - ginger chicken. We can’t have a proper party without chicken and ginger chicken is a logical choice for anyone who wants to make an unforgettable celebration.

What’s so special about ginger chicken, you may ask? Well, other than being absolutely delicious, ginger chicken is incredibly easy to make. As usual, we have no “default” recipe and the only ingredient that you need for this meal is, well, ginger. But the real beauty comes from the fact that you can mix spices and flavors, and create your own unique ginger chicken. Can it get any better?

The best Ginger Chicken comes from restaurants and Bombay Post is the place where you can try the tastiest Ginger Chicken in New Zealand.

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